Lesson 1 - Welcome! Share your first course ideas here

Lesson 1: To Do

In the discussion below, share the list of ideas you think you could possibly teach on. Think through your ideas based on:

  • Skills you use and plan to keep using in your career
  • Hobbies you're really passionate about
  • Topics others come to you for advice on and like
  • What you're actively learning (even if you don't think you're an expert)
  • A personal transformation you've gone through (like losing 20 lbs, or even overcoming shyness)

Lesson 1: Background

The best course will start by broadly focusing on YOU, which is what this lesson is about. We'll then go into figuring out if and who your exact audience is.

Profitable Course Idea is meant to be discussion heavy, so feel free to take advantage of the discussion area below under each lecture with your ideas and feedback.

Are you with me? :)

Today's lesson is simple and should take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. The goal is to get ALL those first potentially valuable ideas roaming around in your head written down and as specific as we can to prepare us to find the best one.

The first topics you list here can be almost anything – but the caveat is you must care about the topic and be as specific as you can.

Here's what I mean. The below are a few fairly specific topics that fit the above criteria for me right now:

1. Healthy home cooking that's quick and easy to make
2. User experience design for technology startups
3. Marketing and business development for technology startups

Notice how instead of just "marketing", I wrote "marketing and business development for technology startups." I'm trying to be specific.

The process of us creating a profitable course idea is really a process of getting specific in the right way. Eventually, using the process we'll go through, I was able to turn my own profitable course idea into, "Growth hacking for busy seed-funded technology CEOs and Founders."

Now caring and even knowing about your topic area isn't completely necessary, but starting elsewhere is a really advanced move. For your first idea, rooting it in a topic you're passionate about will help you make significantly more progress with your idea, and later market and make more money.

What are you waiting for? Drop those first ideas below.

Lesson 1: Other Resources

1. Fedora - a free-to-use technology that runs this class. Fedora allows you to you create and sell your own online courses and is used by over 5,000 independent teacher entrepreneurs and companies to teach almost half a million students.

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